Millions of dollars of our taxes is going to fund activists and lobbyists, corrupting our democracy. It's time for a change.

FACT: Aussie taxpayers are forking over $5 billion – $650 a family – every single year to pay for our “foreign aid” program. Much of this goes to funnel our money to anti-development radical environmental activists and to promote the tax on carbon dioxide. Click here for examples of just how our “foreign aid” money is being spent to promote the carbon tax in Australia.

FACT: In 2009 the Federal Government announced $40 million in funding for a “Climate Change” Centre at the University of Western Sydney

FACT: The Gillard government has just given $7 million in taxpayer dollars to the Labor-aligned Whitlam Institute. The purpose of the Whitlam Institute is to “Commemorate the life and work of E.G. Whitlam and pursues the causes he championed”

FACT: The Brumby and Rudd Government gave $30 million to establish the Grattan Institute, which advocates for the carbon tax and more taxpayer subsidies for green energy,

FACT: Zoos Victoria receives $15million in taxpayer funds a year, and is transforming itself into a “Zoo-based Conservation Organisation” to lobby for left-wing environmental projects. This includes support for climate change policies and the thoroughly debunked “Don’t Palm Us Off” campaign, which calls for the government to restrict the use of Palm Oil in Australia.

FACT: Last year Greenpeace destroyed a CSIRO farm working on fortified wheat crops. Yet Greenpeace still receives an effective taxpayer subsidy through "deductible gift recipient" status - something stripped from them recently in New Zealand and Canada.

FACT: An investigation in the UK has found that over 27,000 “charities” rely on the government for over three quarters of their income.

The solution is simple:

The Solution:

1)An immediate cessation of taxpayer funding to any and all non-government organisations that engage in political activism and/or lobbying, either domestically or overseas

2)Following the lead of Canada and New Zealand and revoking the Deductible Gift Recipient Status of Greenpeace and the WWF

3)A parliamentary inquiry into creating a new category of non-profit organisation for bodies that receive substantial funds from taxpayers, to distinguish genuine charities from agents of governments

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